By Jacqui Saran

I would like to share a distant TT session I did for a close friend who had damaged her spine when she fell after fainting.

My friend lives in New Zealand, and I had just returned from a night out at the theatre when I received the following message two days after her fall:

I’m in pain, on morphine, and have a catheter, as I haven’t walked since Friday. Have had CT scans and X-ray. L2 vertebrae fractured. Luckily, I do not need an operation. I need to be able to walk and toilet before I can go home, and the pain will continue for 2-3 months. They’ll give me pain meds to manage.

I sat down and grounded myself and visualised her in the hospital bed. The energy in her field felt like it wasn’t flowing. I grounded her and then did some general clearing. My intention was peace and calm. I was then drawn to her lower back. My intention was for the muscles to relax and release. I used small circular motions to help release the tension, and then moved my hands out to the edge of her field. I then moved my hands down her legs with the intention that the energy flow down and out her feet. Initially, it was a slow movement when, all of a sudden, my hand just seemed to fly down her leg. It was as if the energy that was blocked in her lower back had released, and the energy just flowed easily.

I finished the session, sent a quick message back to her to say I had finished, and then turned off my phone as it was midnight here, and I needed to get to bed.

In the morning, I turned on my phone to find this message, which was sent about half an hour after I had finished the session:

The nurse thinks you’re a miracle worker. I just walked to the toilet and waited for her. She was stunned. ‘How can you be walking?’ I told her about you. Thank you. xx

Later that day (being the next day for my friend in New Zealand):

Yay! I just walked and had a shower! You’re magical. I swear it was not at all possible before your TT last night. xxx

I am happy to say she went home that day and healed well.

From Newsletter: Shifts in Energy (Summer 2020)