On behalf of the BCTTNS Board, I share news of our beloved TT friend, mentor and teacher, Marie Preissl’s transition from this life on Thurs Nov 4th. Her daughter, Karen wrote these words to Marie’s Practice Group: “We were in the middle of a two week mom/daughter trip and she started experiencing pain at 10 am Wed Nov 3rd and left us the following day just before 4am. I was by her side during this time and I tried “expecting a miracle” with my whole heart but then I knew when it changed to the miracle not being for a vital life but for minimal pain while she passed”.
Cheryl Larden is a long-time friend and TT teaching colleague with Marie. She has written a brief overview of some of the highlights of Marie’s long and deep connection with TT and the TT community locally, nationally and globally.

I’m sure all of you have been touched by Marie and have learned from her. I put together some things that you may or may not know:

Marie used Therapeutic Touch in her work as an Orthopedic Nurse and in various situations as they arose, well before the inception of BC Therapeutic Touch Network Society, in January 1997. In BCTTNS Marie contributed in many ways: an outstanding TT practitioner and Therapeutic Touch teacher and mentor, and board member. She facilitated TT practice groups for many years. She was an active board member for over 20 years, filling various roles, the last 11 years as Research Chair. She was on the Strategic Game Plan Committee, ensuring a positive direction for BCTTNS and part of the Teacher’s Collective, developing TT Policies and Procedures and educational materials.

Marie was a frequent presenter at Practitioner Days, Teacher’s Days, conferences, and retreats. On October 15, 2015, she and Judith Schweers presented at the 17th Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference. Marie was an integral part of the TT Mentorship, part of the Therapeutic Touch Practitioner Certificate Program at Langara College; teaching and mentoring TT students from 2015 – 2020. Marie also volunteered at many health fairs and events giving TT sessions to many. One of the events Marie participated in for three years, the BC Tribal Elders Gathering, was particularly moving. In 2015, Marie was one of the people holding the BCTTNS banner when they were asked to march in the grand entry of the event, the first time a non-aboriginal group participated in the procession.

Most importantly, Marie was a compassionate person and a true healer. She was a great friend and colleague, always happy to help as she could. Marie reminded us to set our intentions, notably, “Expect a Miracle”. Marie will be missed, but her contributions will live on in all those who she touched.