Tree designed and created by Johanne Roy, BCTTNS Board Member

The Roots: deep and strong representing our founding members (Maureen Simpson, Lynda Harvey, Christine Dockman, Kim Paterson, Marijke Patterson-Robinson, Cheryl Larden and Lynette Morrison)

The Trunk: sturdy, tall, healthy and empowered to grow, nourished thanks to its roots! This trunk, represents the BCTTNS Board, TT teachers providing the guidance, direction, and support. Nourished from the ground up, guided and supported, this trunk is able to extend in beautiful strong, branches. 

The Branches: representing the Membership, 106 members and counting! It was suggested that the bigger branches could represent the TT Practice groups

The Leaves: like our members, each have something unique about them, a special gift or vibration to offer this tree and to share with the world. Each member was asked to write a few words of what TT means to them which have been added to the leaves. When one connects deeper into the Heart of BCTTNS, you can feel the “Compassion in Action” and the Unity!

The Earth: Dora Kunz and Dolores (Dee) Krieger provided the fertile ground for our roots to grow and branch out! “All the TTRPs and TTRTs who have gone before have also nourished the soil and left their legacy and wisdom to support our growth! Only a few of them are represented here.