Therapeutic Touch® is a natural human potential and is a skill that requires compassion and intentionality. Therapeutic Touch is administered with the intent to enable people to re-pattern their energy toward wholeness and health.

Only Therapeutic Touch has a strong foundation as a medically researched energy-based modality, originally developed for use by health care professionals. The British Columbia Therapeutic Touch® Network Society (BCTTNS) is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports its members, and sets the standards for the practice and teaching of Therapeutic Touch®. The BCTTNS website provides information on education, practice groups, membership, research, Therapeutic Touch-related articles and conferences.

Our Mission

BCTTNS provides education and ongoing support to members interested in developing a standard level of expertise in Therapeutic Touch via online and in-person training courses, conferences, practice groups, a referral service, mentoring, and ongoing research.

BCTTNS will continue to raise awareness of Therapeutic Touch to the general public, including health care practitioners.

BCTTNS continues to build a strong Therapeutic Touch identity by playing an active role so that everyone may have access to Therapeutic Touch.

Our Teachers

Meet the teachers of Therapeutic Touch in British Columbia

Cheryl Larden
Cheryl LardenTTRT
Delta and Vancouver



Tama Recker
Tama ReckerTTRT
Delta and Richmond



Anne Walker
Anne WalkerTTRT



Our Values

TEACHING – learning, discovering and sharing knowledge

OPPORTUNITIES – personal growth and volunteering

UNITY – common purpose and community

COMPASSION – caring and acceptance

HEALING – wholeness of body, mind and spirit

Human beings have far greater depths within them than one might suppose. We all have access to these inner resources. They are not reserved for the few, the privileged or the especially gifted, for they are part of the human heritage.

Dora Van Gelder Kunz

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