Benefits of Membership

Anyone who has studied Therapeutic Touch® and has attained Level 1, as developed by Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, and Dora Kunz, and who agrees to abide by the BCTTNS Code of Ethics and Conduct, is invited to become a member of the BC Therapeutic Touch® Network. Society.

There are many wonderful reasons to enjoy membership in the BCTTNS, because it offers :

  • The RIGHT to practice Therapeutic Touch and use the words “Therapeutic Touch” in a written form – as it is a registered trademark in Canada.
  • The BCTTNS WEBSITE,, provides information about upcoming courses, Practice Groups, Recognized Practitioners and Teachers, in addition to TT research and links to other related websites.
  • FELLOWSHIP with others who also practice Therapeutic Touch.
  • CONNECTEDNESS through Regional Representatives, practice groups, and informative, eagerly-read newsletters.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT through contact with experienced Therapeutic Touch practitioners.
  • LEARNING opportunities for beginners and advanced practitioners.
  • HEALING WORK opportunities and experiences offering treatments to the public.
  • A TREATMENT CIRCLE for members facing serious health issues.
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT for those who want to advance their talents as speakers, writers, or organizers.
  • PARTICIPATION in the advancement of complementary and alternative holistic health care.
  • STANDARDS of THERAPEUTIC TOUCH practice and instruction and course curricula for BC.
  • An ACCREDITATION process for those wishing to achieve TT Recognized Practitioner and TT Recognized Teacher status.
  • FUN in sharing experiences with others who are also excited by the possibilities of Therapeutic Touch.
  • Being part of a national voice in our TT community.
  • Liability insurance available to purchase for current BCTTNS members.

As a BCTTNS member, you will receive:

A warm welcome!

  • The BC Therapeutic Touch Newsletter Shifts in Energy via email.
  • The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario Newsletter via email.
  • The national newsletter TTNC News.
  • Reduced rates at BCTTNS Conferences.
  • A listing of BCTTNS teachers and locations of Support/Practice groups.
  • A membership card for your wallet.
  • Free admission to the Annual General Meeting and voting privileges.