Dora’s Meditation

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This meditation was brought to us from the TTIA, and is particularly fitting under the current circumstances.

Therapeutic Touch and the Practitioner


A Pilot Study of the Experience of Participating in a Therapeutic Touch Practice Group Theresa Moore, Brigid Ting, and Maria Rossiter-ThorntonJournal of Holistic Nursing (2008) 26:161-168 The four themes of the research findings were: … Read More

Therapeutic Touch and Changes in the Body


Therapeutic Touch: The Imprimatur of Nursing Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N.American Journal of Nursing, 1975, 75(5):784-787 “The hypothesis that patients receiving TT would experience significant changes in hemoglobin was supported.” This was an important early study … Read More

Therapeutic Touch and Chronic Pain Management


Effects of Integrating Therapeutic Touch in a Cognitive Behavioural Pain Treatment Program D. W. Smith, P. Arnstein, K. Cowen Rosa, & C. Wells-Federman (Dec. 2002) Journal of Holistic Nursing, 20(4), 367-387 This study explores the addition … Read More

Therapeutic Touch and Relaxation


Large Clinical Study Shows Value of Therapeutic Touch Program Gayle Newshan, Ph.D., N.P., Donna Schuller-Civitella, M.P.H., R.N. Holistic Nursing Practice Jul/Aug 2003 17(4), 189-192 This report represents the largest published sample size of TT outcomes to … Read More