Therapeutic Touch® Course Outline

Foundations of Therapeutic Touch (formerly Beginner, Level 1)

Will introduce the student to Therapeutic Touch (TT) including the: history of TT; theoretical foundations and assumptions, attributes of a TT practitioner, the importance of sustained centering, the five phases of a TT session, ethical considerations, and applications of TT.

The Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch(formerly Level 2 & 3) builds on the knowledge, skills, and insights acquired through the Foundations for Therapeutic Touch course and insights gained from regular practice, broadening the learner’s understanding of the essential elements of TT. Contemplative practices and guided reflective dialogue regarding energetic, emotional, and mental aspects of Therapeutic Touch practice enhance the learner’s self-knowledge and self-inquiry. Learners explore approaches to assisting individuals who are experiencing a variety of health challenges.

The Application of the Inner Processes of Therapeutic Touch (formerly Level 3 & Advanced) course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in the prior TT courses as well as the experiences and insights gained from regular TT practice. The learner’s TT practice is expanded through a focus on the inner processes of TT. Contemplative practices facilitate the practitioner’s self-inquiry and self-awareness facilitating guidance by one’s inner wisdom.

Learners increase their awareness of shifts in their consciousness during the TT process and how these shifts are responsive to the healing partner’s (Hp’s) energy field. Through the dialogue process, meanings of the TT experience for both the Hp and the TT practitioner are explored.

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