Therapeutic Touch® (Krieger / Kunz method)  

Level 1

Course Description

Therapeutic Touch® (TT) is a gentle, holistic practice that balances the energy field to facilitate the healing process. Level I introduces the concepts, assumptions, principles and techniques of TT, and overviews the history, Code of Ethics and research. This practice-oriented workshop will focus on centering, grounding, intention and performing basic TT while appreciating the healthy energy field.

Length of Level 1 class: 12 instructional hours in divided classes

Prerequisite for Level 1 : none

Level 2

Course Description:

This practice-oriented workshop builds on the basic skills and concepts from Therapeutic Touch®(TT) Level I. The emphasis is on rebalancing the energy field; using Therapeutic Touch in various situations; documenting; ethical behaviour, self care through self-exploration.

Level 3

Course Description

An experiential workshop that builds on Therapeutic Touch (TT) Levels 1 and 2. Students deepen their knowledge of all phases of the TT process by studying the concept of chakras, and how emotions and intuition relate to the TT method. Students learn how to use TT with people experiencing more complex health conditions.

Documentation of each practice session is supported by either teacher or mentor feedback, which helps to demonstrate and further each student’s synthesis skills of the human energy field. Related topics include TT research, ethical dilemmas, legalities, self-care and self-exploration. This course introduces students to the criteria required for the BCTTNS Recognized Practitioner accreditation.

Therapeutic Touch Certificate Program

This is a brand new program, taught by Cheryl Larden, at Langara College, Vancouver, which will include all the courses, and more, necessary to receive the BCTTNS Recognized Practitioner Status. The courses in the Therapeutic Touch Certificate Program can be taken individually, whether or not you intend to proceed and get a certificate. The certificate program includes: Therapeutic Touch Levels 1, 2, and 3, Therapeutic Touch Mentorship, The Art of Self-Compassion, Anatomy and Physiology for Body Workers, and one elective of either Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or a small business course. 

BCTTNS Scholarships:

In 2009, the BOD made a decision to offer five $100 scholarships annually to members of BCTTN.

This is a one-time offer to the recipients. The recipient must submit a written report to the Board to demonstrate how the course or workshop will benefit his/her Therapeutic Touch practice and that of BCTTNS. For details regarding the application for scholarship, go to Scholarships.