The formation of the BCTTNS had its beginnings in June of 1996 when a small group of interested Therapeutic Touch practitioners met with Mary Simpson from the Ontario Therapeutic Touch® Network to discuss the idea of starting a Network in B.C. On January 20, 1997, the British Columbia Therapeutic Touch® Network was formally identified as an entity when it had an approved mandate and a Steering Committee formed by volunteers who assumed various committee positions. It now consists of a full executive and a representative from each of 10 regions around the province.

In November 1997, BCTTNS joined with Atlantic, Alberta and Ontario Network Coordinators and other executive members to represent their memberships in the development of a national network to be identified as: The Therapeutic Touch Network of Canada (TTNC).

In 2005, BCTTNS established Recognized Practitioner Guidelines (TTRP). Not all members choose to become RPs, but may continue their Therapeutic Touch practice.

In April 2007, the first group of applicants were presented with TTRP certificates. BCTTNS established guidelines for teachers in this group to become Therapeutic Touch Recognized Practitioners (TTRT). In April 2009, the first group of applicants were presented with TTRT certificates.

In 2009, BCTTNS was granted non-profit status. In formal documents, the name will be identified as BCTTN Society. The executive is now considered a Board of Directors consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Education/Teachers Chairperson, Newsletter, Membership, Research, Publicity, Practice Group Chairperson and a Director-at-Large.

Therapeutic Touch®  has been registered as a trademark with the Government of Canada.

The College of Registered Nurses Association of B.C. (CRNBC) does not yet have a formal position on Therapeutic Touch. However, the therapy may be seen to be consistent with the practice of nursing when viewed as one of the intervention strategies nurses use in their practice. The Nurses Registered Act states: “practice of nursing” means: the performance for others of health care services, which require the application of professional nursing knowledge and skills.