Maintaining TTRP and TTRT Status

To maintain Recognized Practitioner Status, individuals must demonstrate competence in areas of education, practice and professional development every two years by completing a written self-evaluation documentation/checklist*. In addition to providing Therapeutic Touch® sessions in accordance with the generally accepted principles of TT® as developed by Dolores Krieger, PhD., RN, and Dora Kunz, participation in activities to maintain currency in TT may include the following:  A minimum of 20 hours documentation is required.

  • Attending national or international TT conferences
  • TT retreats
  • TT workshops
  • Teaching TT
  • Presenting at TT conferences, gatherings
  • Performing research that focuses on TT
  • Volunteering
  • Working on a TT committee
  • Writing TT article(s)
  • Mentoring TT students
  • Reading books, articles, watching videos/DVDs
  • Attending or facilitating a Practice Group

Maintaining TTRP – TTRP requires renewal every two years. A minimum of 16 hours of TT studies, as described above, is required over a two-year period. Exceptional cases will be considered.

Maintaining TTRT – TTRT requires renewal every four years. Over the four years, the teacher will have completed an additional 40 hours or more of TT studies, teaching, or other professional development in addition to the 16 hours every 2 years required to maintain TTRP status. Exceptional cases will be considered.

Note: Should you be an isolated member of the TT community, reading books, articles, journaling TT sessions, and having discussions on Therapeutic Touch® is highly recommended, and is acceptable as a means of self-development. Please send a summary of your personal growth and how the new knowledge is applicable to your practice.

*Your self-evaluation documentation/checklist must be submitted to the BCTTNS Education Chair with sufficient documentation to support your evaluation.

Please Note:

  • Active BCTTNS membership, in good standing, is required to maintain TTRP and TTRT status. If BCTTNS membership is not maintained, renewals will NOT be accepted. A new application for TTRP and TTRT status will be required, including all requirements of the initial TTRP/TTRT application, and the current application fee.
  • There is no additional fee required for renewing your TTRP/TTRT status.  This is included in your yearly membership fees.