Foundations for Therapeutic Touch® (formerly Beginner, Level 1) – Salmon Arm

Therapeutic Touch is a non-invasive technique that uses the flow of energy through the palms of the hands to soothe, promote relaxation, and assist in healing. Research has shown that it promotes a sense of well-being, facilitates the body’s natural healing process such as the immune system, healing wounds, fractures, decreasing pain, anxiety and more. The objectives of this course are to gain a basic understanding of the theory of open energy systems, grow familiar with the five basic steps of therapeutic touch, have a direct experience of working with energy fields during practice sessions, and to nurture a budding confidence in one’s ability to provide effective intervention with therapeutic touch. This course is beneficial for everyone including those in the medical professions and those with a desire to help others.

Instructor: Marie-Paule Wiley

Level 1 March 8,9

Shuswap Hospice

Salmon Arm

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