The following are members in good standing with BCTTNS who have given permission to be listed on the website. All have completed a minimum of Foundations of Therapeutic Touch, or Therapeutic Touch Level 1. 
For any inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Finderson Alves
Gloria Andrews
Denise Askin
Jane Bader
Laurie Bartley
Patricia Bishop
Amanda Branscombe
Dolores (Dolly) Brooks
Margaret Budd
Valerie Cairns
Elizabeth Chalmers
Cindy Cole
Maggie Cole
Nancy Cornell
Pat Foreman
Peggy Frank
Rhonda Giesbrecht
Lisa Green
Lynda Harvey
Eric Hellman
Katherine Hill
Kim Inouye
Bonnie Jagpal
Selena Jones
Jeanette Kirschner
Randi Kuckein
Cheryl Larden
Dayle Lauren
Carrie Lazareff
Frances Leatherdale
Terri Lewis
Nean Lund
Diane MacDonald
Janice MacLean
Diane May
Michele McCabe
Heather McCurdy
Decima Mitchell
Maria Olding
Tarja Oostendarp
Sandra Peters
Judith Poirier
Nancy Powley
Joseph Rahim
Lesley Reichert
Camille Roberts
Johanne Roy
Huguette Ruel
Susan Rutherford
Jean Ruttan
Nadereh Shiva Salimkhani
Jacqui Saran
Sheila Saunders
Frances Schofield
Judith Schweers
Joy Stalinski
Leslie Stubbs
Ruth Stubens
Debbie Thomas
Heidi Ugaz
Catherine Vail
Lori Walkus
Madeleine Weir
Marie-Paule Wiley
Kittie Wong
Yum Yiu Wu
Bhree Young