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BCTTNS membership is open to all who have studied Therapeutic Touch® as developed by Dora Kunz and Dolores Krieger PhD., RN. Membership to the network runs from May 1st – April 30th. New member fees received in March or April will be applied to the next year. First-time members may obtain an introductory one-year membership of $30.00. Full fees apply thereafter. Fees are not prorated. Members can now pay for their annual BCTTNS membership via PayPal.

New Membership:

If you are ready to become a member of the BCTTNS:

1. Complete the New Member Registration form and the BCTTNS Members Code of Ethics in hard copy (on line is not available for New Membership).

2. Mail to our Membership Co-ordinator (address on bottom of Registration form).

3. Payment can be made either by cheque sent with your Registration form and Code of Ethics, OR by Paypal at the online store (select New Member).

Renewing Membership (Due May 1st):

When renewing your membership – you have the option of renewing online or in hard copy:

1. Complete the Online Membership Renewal Form
OR complete the Membership Renewal Form (hard copy) and mail to the Membership Co-ordinator (address on bottom of form)

2. Payment can be made either by Paypal at the online store (select the appropriate level of membership)

OR by sending cheque to our Membership Co-ordinator with your Renewal form.

Please ensure you are familiar with policies governing our members.

Note re Paypal:

Be sure to click on the “Continue Shopping” button to add more items. When you are done, choose the “View Cart” button and submit your payment.

BCTTNS yearly membership fees are:

  • Member  $60.00
  • First time member   $30.00 ($60.00 thereafter)
  • Seniors    $50.00
  • Recognized Practitioner (TTRP) $70.00
  • Seniors TTRP    $60.00
  • Recognized Teacher (TTRT) $80.00
  • Seniors TTRT    $70.00

BCTTNS membership gives you four BCTTNS newsletters yearly that provide articles of Therapeutic Touch interest, reports on research and other activities, and upcoming workshops and events within B.C. You also receive four Ontario “In Touch” newsletters and four Therapeutic Touch Networks of Canada (TTNC) “TTNC News” newsletters. Learn about the many benefits of a BCTTNS membership here.


As a member of BCTTNS you are eligible to apply for private insurance at a very competitive rate with BFL Canada. Print off the Application form below and submit to BFL Insurance. The Insurance year runs from 1 December to 30 November.

Members of BCTTNS volunteering at sanctioned BCTTNS events such as wellness shows are covered under the BCTTNS Insurance.

BFL Insurance Application

Trisura Legal Assistance Form

Policy for Charging for Therapeutic Touch Services

In order for a member to charge for Therapeutic Touch® services, you must be a current BCTTNS member in good standing and have completed levels 1, 2 and 3. You must advise your client in advance of any fees that you charge for your services.

Members who have not completed level 3 may submit documentation in writing to the Education Coordinator to determine whether that member has met the relevant experience, education, training, and competence in order to be able to charge for Therapeutic Touch services.

Membership Coordinator:

Sue Dyer
7462 Crawford Drive
North Delta, BC
V4C 6X6