Code of Ethics and Conduct for Teachers of Therapeutic Touch

Print out,  sign and mail to:

Jacqui Saran
5684 Greenland Dr., Delta, BC  V4L 2J5


As a teacher within BCTTNS, I agree to abide by the following:

1: I will teach Therapeutic Touch (TT™) in accordance with the generally-accepted principles of TT™ as developed by Dolores Krieger, PhD. RN and Dora Kunz and as outlined in the BCTTNS Curriculum Guidelines, and will do so in a manner that upholds the reputation held by Therapeutic Touch throughout the world.

2: I will teach TT™ in a manner that respects students and their needs, and that adheres to the BCTTNS by-laws and the Code of Ethics for the Conduct & Practice of Therapeutic Touch™.

3: I will teach my students about the need for confidentiality, privacy and info rmed consent, as referred to in the Code of Ethics for the Conduct & Practice of Therapeutic Touch™.

4: I will make clear my fees before entering into a contract for teaching services.

5: I am responsible for maintaining high standards in teaching.

6: I will represent myself with honesty &integrity to the BCTTNS and to the public, in terms of my education, training, experience, professional affiliations and the nature of my services being provided.

7: I will not hold BCTTNS responsible for any consequences resulting from my teaching of Therapeutic Touch™.


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(note: code to be re-signed every 5 years)


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