Practice Groups

Practice group sessions are important to improve and maintain Therapeutic Touch® skills. If you are an experienced leader and require some information or if you have studied Therapeutic Touch and are interested in starting a practice group, call the BCTTNS Practice Group Coordinator:

Elizabeth Chalmers

Benefits of practice groups:

  • Network and problem-solve
  • Share concerns, issues and information
  • Exchange Therapeutic Touch sessions

Leaders are expected to:

  • Encourage participants to join the BCTTNS network
  • Assist others to upgrade skills and increase Therapeutic Touch knowledge
  • Keep the focus on Therapeutic Touch
  • Keep regular dates and times as much as possible

Most groups meet monthly for 2 hours, often 7-9 p.m. Some groups have a small charge/donation if they have to pay for the location, but most are free. The usual format is a meditation, then sharing Therapeutic Touch news/events/ TT experiences/questions and giving and receiving a Therapeutic Touch session. Generally, groups have one person as a facilitator, but it is a good idea to have a back-up person as well. In some groups, there is a short closing ceremony for peace. Often, the group decides how they wish to develop.

Practice Groups