Recognized Practitioners

Therapeutic Touch (TT) is a natural potential that can be actualized through intent to help or heal. It is a skill that requires sensitivity and compassion. Therapeutic Touch can be learned in three levels of instruction, including extensive experiential work. Each level of instruction consists of a 12-hour course and is a skill that needs to be practiced initially with supervision and feedback. Regular practice of this modality is required to gain confidence and to become an effective practitioner.

Once Level 3 training is completed, one is encouraged to follow up with at least one year of regular practice before beginning the process of qualifying for a Therapeutic Touch Recognized Practitioner Status (TTRP). Member who have Therapeutic Touch Recognized Practitioner (TTRP) status may then begin the process of qualifying for a Therapeutic Touch Recognized Teacher’s Status (TTRT). In order to maintain this status with the BCTTNS, both TTRPs and TTRTs must hold membership in BCTTNS.

Policy for Charging for Therapeutic Touch Services

In order for a member to charge for Therapeutic Touch® services, you must be a current BCTTNS member in good standing and have completed levels 1, 2 and 3. You must advise your client in advance of any fees that you charge for your services.

Members who have not completed level 3 may submit documentation in writing to the Education Coordinator to determine whether that member has met the relevant experience, education, training, and competence in order to be able to charge for Therapeutic Touch services.

Below is a list of Recognized Practitioners residing in BC.

Recognized Practitioners

An asterisk next to a name indicates that the practitioner is also a Recognized Teacher of Therapeutic Touch.

Alex Jamieson[email protected]N. Vancouver
Cheryl Larden*[email protected]Langley
Dayle Lauren[email protected]Shawnigan Lake
Deborah Thomas[email protected]Vancouver
Diane MacDonald[email protected]Coquitlam
Diane May*[email protected](U.S.A.)
Elizabeth Chalmers

[email protected]Surrey
Ellen Womersley

[email protected]Delta
Eric Hellman[email protected]
Fay Torgerson*[email protected]Surrey
Frances Schofield[email protected]Delta
Gaye Cross[email protected]W. Vancouver
Gloria Andrews[email protected]W. Kelowna
Heather McCurdy[email protected]Delta
Huguette Ruel*[email protected]Campbell River
Jacqui Saran[email protected]Delta
Janice Maclean[email protected]Bowen Island
Jeanette Kirschner[email protected]Kelowna
Jean Ruttan[email protected]Maple Ridge
Jennifer Wright[email protected]Duncan
Joseph Rahim[email protected]Vancouver
Judith Schweers*[email protected]Duncan
Laura MathesonDelta
Laurie Bartley[email protected]Kelowna
Lesley Reichert[email protected]Richmond
Leslie Stubbs[email protected]Bowen Island
Lynda Harvey[email protected]N. Vancouver
Maria Olding[email protected]
Marie-Paule Wiley*[email protected]Salmon Arm
Mary Leslie[email protected]Burnaby
Mary Lou
[email protected]Vancouver
Peggy Frank*[email protected]Victoria
Ruth Stubens[email protected]Delta
Sofia Sandover [email protected]Vancouver
Susan Rutherford[email protected]Delta
Tama Recker*[email protected]Ladner