Board of Director Opportunities

Only Therapeutic Touch has a strong foundation as a medically researched energy-based modality, originally developed for use by health care professionals.

A position on the board of directors provides an opportunity:

1. To work with like-minded, dedicated individuals, committed to the promotion of Therapeutic Touch.

2. To develop/increase your own skills such as critical thinking, creativity, leadership, organization, and management of process and goal achievement, while working with and being supported by other board members.

3. To be involved in decisions that continue to support the growth and development of Therapeutic Touch in our communities.

4. To bring Therapeutic Touch more into the mainstream, giving individual’s a choice in determining their health care.

5. For those who have chosen Therapeutic Touch as a career, to add to their professional integrity and credibility when recruiting/meeting/working with clients and networking with health care contacts.

6. To serve BCTTNS.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in volunteering for the BCTTNS.

Below are job descriptions for each position on the Board:

Volunteer Secretary
Volunteer for TTNC History Book